Society of Combat Search and Rescue - CSAR!
North Island Naval Air Station (NORIS)
September 28 – October 1, 2011
Please join us for the 13th annual Symposium and Reunion of the Society of Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR!) in San Diego, California from September 28 to October 1, 2011.  Because 2011 is the observation of the Centennial of Naval Aviation (CoNA), we will be expanding our symposium to include combat rescues by the US Navy, the US Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard (all naval aviators) as well as the customary US Air Force focus, with an overview of naval aviation combat rescue from World War I to the present.  Our hosts will be the Helicopter Sea Combat (HSC) Wing, Pacific, Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Pacific, along with their subordinate squadrons.  This is our first visit to a naval air station and we are looking forward to a truly unique and exciting four-day event.  
Search and Rescue forces have been involved in a wide range of missions from the rescue of downed aviators, extraction of engaged forces, and the evacuation of wounded and ill combatants and non-combatants. The men and women of today's search and rescue forces are the best trained and equipped force we can field. The lessons-learned from past search and rescue operations are essential to the development of the strategy, doctrine and tactical employment of search and rescue forces. It is the mission of CSAR! to provide the historical context of past search and rescue missions and the lessons-learned from the dedication and sacrifice of the participants.
Today, CSAR! Members include persons who have a continuing, deep-seated interest in search and rescue and the unswerving determination that our nation maintain a trained and ready force-in-being  to effect the recovery of downed aircrews and engage forces from any environment, in any location, and at any cost. Note the absence of reference to age, rank, status, job history, or any other factor not associated with search and rescue.
This year’s events will include briefings by Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and Air Force veterans as well as participants of the present day CSAR community.  The legendary SANDY BOX provides a place to get to know people and the events.
Tuesday, September 27th:
Arrival beginsThe SANDY BOX Hospitality Suite will be opened for all to enjoy at the Navy Lodge on North Island.  Share some fellowship, renew acquaintances and quench a thirst following your journey to San Diego.  The location of the SANDY BOX will be at the Navy Lodge.
Wednesday, September 28th: (0800-1600)
Briefings are expected to be held at Naval Base Theater.  On-base transportation logistics are still being resolved, but there may be need to car pool among CSAR! attendees. 
Briefing #1 – welcome, opening remarks, overview of program
Briefing #2
– overview of 100 years of Naval Aviation combat rescue history, emphasis on SEA
Vintage SAR
– US Navy rescue of Air Force pilot, coastal archipelago NVN, 1966
Lunch break 
Vintage SAR
– US Navy rescue of a Navy pilot, overland NVN, 1967
The SANDY BOX Hospitality Suite
Thursday, September 29th: (0800-1500)
Vintage SAR – US Air Force rescue of a Navy pilot in Laos (Streetcar 304), 1968
Briefing #3 – summary of US Coast Guard combat rescue operations with the 37th ARRSq Vietnam 
Lunch break 
Vintage SAR
– US Navy Medal of Honor mission night rescue two Navy F-4 crew NVN 1968 
The SANDY BOX Hospitality Suite
Friday, September 30th:  (0800-1500)
Vintage SAR – US forces coordinated epic Vietnam (Bat-21), 1972
Vintage SAR – US Navy night rescue Navy pilot North Vietnam, 1972
Lunch break
Vintage SAR - USMC TRAP rescue USAF pilot  Bosnia, 1995; Libya 2011
Briefing #4
– overview of CSAR/PR in Desert Storm, Balkans, OIF, OEF, Wrap-up 
The SANDY BOX Hospitality Suite
Saturday, October 1st
Morning - Tour a CVN planned (contingent on who is in port, if any).  Lunch aboard, hosted by embarked helo squadron.  If no CVN in port, tour of USS Midway Museum.  Lunch fantail cafe aboard Midway.
Afternoon – Society business meeting (location TBA)  Personal time, 
Evening - Formal dinner with the USN Active Duty folks at restaurant in downtown San Diego. (New item) The Navy will be wearing mess dress white. If you can still fit into your mess dress, wear it. The rest of us will be in coat and tie - if you don't wish to bring or rent a tux.
Sunday, October 2nd:
Departures and good-byes until next time
Billeting is available at the Navy Lodge, on the beach, at Naval Air Station North Island.  Arrangements have been made to reserve a limited number of rooms for the CSAR guests and participants at the preferential rate of $80.00 per night, from September 27th to October 1st.  The Navy Lodge will only hold these special rate rooms for us until September 12th … thereafter; rooms will be “as available” at whatever the prevailing daily rate happens to be.  Each CSAR guest or participant must make their own arrangements and must secure their reservation with a credit card prior to arrival.  Be sure you mention that you are with the CSAR Symposium in order to receive the preferential daily rate.  You are urged to make your reservations anytime after Monday, August 1, 2011, by calling 1-619-435-0191. Select 7 for group reservations. (New item) If you have DSN call 735-6940. Ask for Regina or Vernonica. They are the Group Coordinators and are in charge of booking our reservations. If they are not available ask for one of them to call you back. Check in time is 3:00 pm (1500 hrs) and check-out time is noon.  San Diego International Airport, Lindbergh Field (downtown San Diego), is the most convenient airport and an estimated 10 minute cab ride to the Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado.  Numerous rental car agencies are available at the airport.  Indicate on your registration form that you would like to share a ride from the airport to the hotel.  Additionally, be sure that you provide a cell phone number which you’ll be carrying upon arrival



If you DO NOT have a current Military ID or DOD civilian ID, you will need to be sponsored.  PLEASE INDICATE IF THIS IS THE CASE ON YOUR REGISTRATION so that we may advise North Island Security and make arrangements on your behalf. (New Item) Once those arrangements are made you should be able to drive to and from the base and drive or walk to the various activities on base. The sooner we have your information  the easier it will to make the arrangements.

                                                                           READ THIS CAREFULLY AND DON'T SCREW IT UP!
When personnel arrive to the installation, they will be required to show their active duty or retired ID card along with the rental agreement. This is all that they need to access the installation, a pass will not be issued. They do not need to keep the agreement on the dash, all they need it for is to access the installation.
The personnel who do not hold an active duty or retired ID card will not be required to go to the Pass and Decal Office to obtain a pass as long as they are on the access list they will be good to go. All they will be required to do is present their picture ID card to the sentry on post and they will be allowed access.
It cannot be stressed enough to ensure that all personnel are on the access list. Those that are not will need to be escorted by Tom Phillips personally onto the installation. This means that those who failed to register will be required to go to Pass and Decal with Tom Phillips to obtain a temporary pass. Tom Phillips just may not be available when you need him.

Lindbergh International Airport in San Diego (SAN) is serviced by numerous national and regional carriers.  Check with your travel agent for the most suitable airlines and arrival/departure times.  Lindbergh airport is approximately 8 miles from North Island Naval Air Station.  Rental cars are available at the airport.  If you want/need a ride to and from the airport, PLEASE INDICATE THIS ON YOUR REGISTRATION.  Indicate your airline, flight number and expected arrival time, so that arrangements can be coordinated.
See our web site for the latest updates
Our Exalted Grand Poobah (President), Tom Phillips, can be contacted at 619-395-0845 (cell) or by e-mail at Secretary Gene McCormack can be contacted at 850-832-8814 (cell) or  Executive Gopher Doug Horka can be contacted at 508-726-7936 or
Please complete the attached registration form and return it along with your remittance NO LATER THAN 21 September 2011.  Early registration enables CSAR! to accurately guesstimate the SANDY BOX supplies as well as the number of attendees at the Saturday evening dinner.

Driving instruction can be found