The Society of Combat Search and Rescue ws formed following an impromptu debriefing of a 1968 Southeast Asia SAR mission, Streetcar 304, by its participants, at the 1998 Jolly Green Association reunion. the presentation was so well received that the Weapons School at Nellis AFB invited the briefers to present the same program again that fall at Nellis. A second SAR mission, Litter 81, was added for the first Nellis seminar. Since that modest beginning seminars have been held annually, either at bases that have an active duty unit with search and rescue responsibility or at the Weapons School. A list of past events can be found here.
Search and Rescue forces have been involved in a wide range of missions from the rescue of downed aviator, extraction of engaged forces, and the evacuation of wounded and ill combatants and non-combatants. The men and women of today's search and rescue forces are the best trained and equipped force we can field. The lesson learned from past search and rescue operations are essential to the development of the strategy, doctrine and tactical employment of search and rescue forces. It is the mission of
CSAR! to provide the historical context of past search and rescue missions and the lessons learned from the dedication and sacrifice of the participants.

CSAR!'s METHODS                 
At the conclusion of each SAR effort there was a debrief, critique, and analysis of what went right and what went wrong, and what improvements were needed to increase the effectiveness of the force. The current
CSAR! Seminar Presentation format emulates an after action session with the survivor and the rescuers providing their experiences and insights. This format allows us to bring the realities of a SAR mission of our era to the present day SAR forces and potential survivors for their consideration and inclusion of our lessons learned.  As our effort has matured we have reinforced our belief that the basics of search and rescue - close cooperation between the survivor(s), forward air controllers, Sandys and the Jolly Greens remains the constant key to success.

CSAR! is governed by a Board of Directors whose constituency is as representative as possible of everyone involved in search and rescue; a willing survivor or two, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and retired USAF, Navy, and Coast Guard rotary and fixed wing aviators.  Activities take place under the leadership of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Programs/Laundry/Morale Officer, Social Officer and an Executive Legal Advisor. The Vice-President succeeds the President each year and a new Vice President is elected. The other officers are elected or reaffirmed yearly. Any member is eligble to serve.

                                            CSAR!'s MEMBERSHIP ELEGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS
Membership in
CSAR! limited to those who have a continuing, deep-seated interest in search and rescue and the unswerving determination that our nation maintain a trained and ready force-in-being  to effect the recovery of downed aircrews and engage forces from any environment, in any location, and at any cost. Note the absence of reference to age, rank, status, job history, or any other factor not associated with search and rescue.

The Society of Combat Search and Rescue